Our mission is to motivate and inspire fitness to be intertwined with our daily lifestyles. We push past the fad diets and horrible workout plans. Using time-tested methods and working with professional coaches, we are here to help our customers with workouts, fitness equipment & accessories, and supplements to help people it new levels of fitness and health. We are here to Fire Up Your Performance.

Founding & Future

Catalyst Strength was founded in 2017 with the idea of connecting online coaches with future clients in a safe and secure way. We understand that there are countless “online coaches” who say they are the best, however, with Catalyst Strength, we make sure all our coaches are professional and qualified to write fitness programs. Catalyst Strength was started to set a new standard for online coaching, fitness, and sports performance. With coaches for just about every area of fitness, our team can help you start your new life in Catalyst Strength style. We are always looking to create and improve our service while never looking track of why we started in the first place: To service the fitness community.

Jaime Alnassim

Top Coaches & Professionals

We don’t just let anyone coach for Catalyst Strength, quality over quantity every time. We don’t just pay someone to be a cute face with a nice body, they need to understand the principle of fitness. Working to find the latest research on training, our standards are set high and we look at our coaches to continually improve on their coaching styles and programming. We believe that with that with trust and hard work, the fitness community can grow and active new heights.