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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • For each coach on will receive their own page about them and their services.
  • Each service will have its own page and write up.
  • The ability to sell almost any type of fitness plan you can think of. We pride ourselves on being open to new idea and allowing coaching to push their limits. was designed with online trainers in mind. Our safe and professional website will help take your online training business to the next level. Our team helps set you up with your own about page and make sure you only have to worry about training, not chasing payments. Our team will make sure that you look good online!

After applying to be a coach for Catalyst Strength LLC, you will receive an email 1-3 business days after you submitted your information if you qualify. From there, if we accept you as a coach, our team may ask for more information and/or start the next step to you working with Catalyst Strength LLC.

No. All coaches on are sub-contracted and are free to train in gyms, fitness centers, and/or any other venue.

Pricing Questions

  • does not have a monthly fee for coaches. There is a fee based off percentages of plans you sell. The base split is total-3% (Credit Card fee) and the remaining 97%, 90/10. 90% going to the coach.
  • Payment for plans will be given at the beginning of each month. A deposit of all the previous month’s sales will be transferred to the coaches PayPal account. The coach/ sub-contractor is responsible for reporting earnings and paying any taxes.
  • is not for discount trainers with half ass workouts. Our team makes sure that every coach is serious about changing lives and understands that not just anyone can represent Catalyst Strength LLC.
  • There is no maximum for prices. The minimum comes from what kind of workout plan you have and how the coach wants to present it.
  • Our website will not become a pricing war with coaches, as that is not what our team is here for.

There is a 90-day notice that every coach must submit before leaving Catalyst Strength LLC. This is to make sure that any clients have ample time to be noticed about their coach leaving.

Yes! Each coach may have coupon codes and/or trial periods made for their programs on

What is Needed?

No! All you need is a way to write and send your programs out. We do not require the coaches to use any apps or other programs. Each coach has the full control on how they communicate with clients.

However, in order to receive payment for your programs & sales, you will need a PayPal account.

No! Our coaches are free to program workouts anyway they like with the equipment they choice is needed.

Feel free to use our Contact Form to ask any other questions you may have